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We suggest using the `Firefox' browser for conducting online classes. Kindly note that the Big Blue Button (BBB) server will be up during 8:00 to 18:00 hours on working days only till further notice.

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This LMS is made using the open-source software Moodle. One can run and maintain an online course successfully here.

A teacher can upload lectures (video/audio), pdf, jpg files, set and check online assignments, and take online tests using this facility. Real time interactive online classes can also be conducted using this LMS. These interactive sessions can also be recorded and posted in the same page.

If you are a teacher, please contact the site administrator at with your name, e-mail id and the name of the course you want to run here. Students may contact their respective teachers who may contact the site admin. to get them registered.

Disclaimer: The content of this LMS is at the sole discretion of, and responsibility lies solely with, the respective Teachers. The site admin. does not assume any responsibility about the contents or copyright issues.