This is for MRS students.

Core Course-13-Elementary Econometrics

Rationale of the course

This course is designed to make students competent enough to apply econometric methods in the rural development models developed on primary and secondary data. The course is designed on the assumption that students have acquired reasonable aptitude in statistical methods during their training in Undergraduate BRS programme. The objective of the course is also to enhance research capacity building, since application of Econometric method is currently indispensable in research endeavors.

Core Course-27--Tools of project Management and Appraisal

Rationale of the course

The objective of the course is to make students capable to design viable projects on rural development, particularly in Indian context. The course is structured in such a way that students are abreast with latest project tools and techniques and become capable of formulating projects useful for their advancements in carreers not only in various Government organisation and NGO’s but also become budding rural entrepreneurs and become self reliant absolutely.