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Mainly analog electronics, with introduction to solid-state devices without knowing quantum mechanics! Devices are covered to some extent. Extensive use is made of `iframe'd Content MathML pages, so proper rendering will be possible only in the Mozilla Firefox browser (using the Gecko engine) and also the Tor-alpha browser.

I would suggest the following scheme of study:

1) Install `anki' in your computer (or `ankidroid' in your phone).

2) The lessons are generally in the order in which they would be taught in class, so just go on from one lesson to the other, making entries in `anki' for each lesson (just the name on the front page and any small text on the reverse).

3) Inside each lesson, the questions are meant to be worked out. The steps are very small, so you should be able to do them yourself without the teacher's help.

4) For revision, rely blindly on `anki'. It will study your particular `forgetting curve' and guide you smoothly using `just-in-time' revision.